Monday, May 13, 2013

The blog is back and all new!

I would like to apologise to my readers for the interruption on the posts and for the change in the blog
address URL. Now there is a number 2 after andiesfood.

I was recently robbed and my cellphone stolen, unfortunately with all my info and access to my gmail
account. The person who did it decided for no reason to delete my google account causing me to
subsequently lose my blog! I’m still furious about that as I didn’t have any backup and cannot access my gmail anymore.

I spent days trying to recover the blog, but unfortunately google doesn’t have any real support,
especially in Canada, with only one office that doesn’t answer the phone. The only support they’ve got is the forum that unfortunately is not that helpful either. Everything I did sent me back to their support page with only two options: I either have to receive an SMS to my cellphone with a code to verify it’s really me trying to recover the account (which I couldn’t do as the phone was stolen and the line was automatically canceled so the thief wouldn’t make any international calls on my expense – and it has to be the same number you have in their file from when you last updated it) or I have to answer some security questions, and I thought, well, that’s fine. Except that you have to be 100% accurate, including knowing the date (day, month and year) that you first created the account, and unfortunately I didn’t know that would be so important to have in hand at the time!

So, there you go, a full amount of tears, angry explosions and headaches later I just came to accept I lost the blog for good.

And now, 4 weeks later I can finally sit down calmly to create this new blog and hopefully get all of your audience back.

I promise to back it up every week from now on and to answer all the questions you may have about old postings.

So bare with me here, in the beginning of a new adventure but hopefully with the same excitement.